Thursday, June 21, 2012

the most awesomest derailleur


I run a mid '80's Suntour cyclone front changer on my Surly Pacer (yes, seriously!) Suntour always had the best front changers. There is just something about them that is rock solid reliable and fast.
Something else about them; they are serviceable. Mine had developed a problem from last winter. It was hanging up on the big ring and didn't want to downshift. WD-40 wasn't able to loosen it up, so I took it apart. One C-clip and pop the return spring and you can clean and lube the pivots. Works as good as new.
The arms and clamp are all forged aluminum, the pivots are chromed steel. Just awesome.
The cable pinch bolt is another bit of genius; you can use either a 4mm allen key OR a 6mm wrench. It too is steel so it won't strip out.


  1. Simplicity always makes for the best components.....


    1. agreed. I don't hardly recognize most of what passes for bicycles anymore. I'm glad there are companies that still recognize the need for simple steel frames and durable components.