Friday, June 21, 2013

Almost a Year

Life happens, and things like blogs get left behind. Oh well, not much has been missed that can't be summed up.
The youngest child got big enough for the trailer bike this year, and the oldest is big enough and confident enough to ride on the road with me.
Here's some pics from our most recent ride:
My Surly Pacer is back on towing duty until I can get the Free Spirit sorted out. The Surly is comfy and reliable.
On the Lehigh Canal towpath.
Took a break at a playground.

The big guy does well on his single speed, and he's growing so fast we raised the seat more than an inch since last year, and had to push the saddle all the way back on the rails.

The middle child wasn't with us because she threw a fit about the prospect of riding too far. We have to do shorter rides with her.

Hope to get to some other areas to ride this year, we'll try!