Monday, March 5, 2012

The Orange Singlespeeder Is Coming Along Nicely

I ordered some parts for the orange Trek. Got some Shimano cranks, Alivio I think. They were the most economical ones w/ removable rings, and it's a forged crank too, 104mm 4 bolt. I'll be getting a Surly 36t stainless ring for it and save the stock 22-32-42 if we ever go geared.
The brakes are Shimano V brakes, a generic lower end set. What I like about Shimano stuff is, it just plain works. The lower end stuff (if you choose carefully) works pretty well, does away w/ the fluff and is economical.
I dug out a vintage pair of Cannondale CODA grips in yellow! Free is always better than having to spend money, especially on a bike like this.
just waiting on the Surly ring, a chain and pedals.


  1. As you say, Shimano components just work well right across the range....


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